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      Natural Thin Veneer Stone Suppliers

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Offered In Different Colors And Sizes

Our  Natural Thin Stone Veneer Is Fabricated At Our Location In Crossville Tennessee Using Our State Of The Art Thin Veneer Saws

Natural Ledge Is Tennessee Fieldstone With A More Rustic Design

High Quality Corners offered with every Style

Artic Grey Limestone is Light Gray to Almost White in Color

Tennessee Fieldstone  Ashlar is Broken  into  Sizes 6" to 14" Rise, Squares and Rectangles With Varying Lengths 

Chestnut Hill Dimensional

Each Piece Is Sawed Into 2,4,6 Inch Rise with Varying Lengths

Tennessee Limestone is Medium Gray in Color with a few colors of white and brown throughout

River Rock

Tennessee Fieldstone Mosaic has A Unaltered Pattern,  Natural As it Came From The Earth With Only a Change In Thickness.

1"to 3" Strip Rubble Shown

Tennessee Fieldstone Medium Stack is Broken into Sizes 2" to 6" Rise, Squares and Rectangles With Varying Lengths

Autumn Buff Is A More Colorful Blend Of Strip Rubble And Fieldstone Ashlar

Artic Gray Limestone Is Broken into

5" to 7" Rise Rectangles

Want To Come Up With Your Own Unique Style and Design. No Problem Talk To One Of Our Stone Architects Today.

Strip Rubble Offered in different Colors & Rise with Varying Lengths

 5" to 8" Rise Strips

 3" to 5" Rise Strips

 1" to 3" Rise Strips

Fieldstone Chop Stack Varying

Rise and Lengths

Chestnut Hill Dimensional Is Tennessee Fieldstone With More Of a Sleek Design 

Natural Ledge

Quarry Sand Stone Mined and Only Found in Crab Orchard Tennessee. Colors Range from Deep Pink to Dark Brown Including Greys and Two Toned

Quarry Sand Stone is Broke Into Ashlar,

Ranges from  6" to 14" Rise, Squares and Rectangles

Natural Thin Stone Veneer .... For A Natural Style Without The Weight

Tennessee Limestone Can Be Broke into Ashlar 6" to 14" Rise or Medium Stack 2" to 6" Rise, Squares and Rectangles

Tennessee Fieldstone is Mined in the Foothills of the Smokies. Various Colors and Shades of Browns